Friday, September 10, 2010

Preparing for the 2010 LA to Barstow to Vegas Dualsport Ride

My check has been cashed so I am officially entered in this years LAB2V - woohoo. Although it is still more than two months away it feels like it is just around the corner since there is still so much to do. I finally ordered my steering stabilizer and headlight assembly (TrailTech X2) since one of my buddies said we will likely be out after dark both days.

I've also gotten in touch with a local suspension shop about lowering and tuning my suspension. I'll be heading over there today for the initial consultation and then dropping it off next week to have it worked over. I'm really looking forward to having a tuned bike where I can touch with more than the tips of my toes.

Last weekend I rode a nice 50 mile section around Silverwood Lake and Lake Arrowhead. There were quite a few miles of singletrack and some gnarly hills to climb and descend. I only laid it down twice but the first time gave me a couple of bruises on my arm. I'm heading back out this coming weekend to give it another go and to try some of the harder sections since I'll be out with at least one other guy - I've been doing a lot of solo riding since my buddy's wife just had their second boy.

To make this a little more interesting I'm going to try to post a few pictures and GPS tracks of my rides. Although I'm not sure yet how to post pictures inline.