Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bike Mods

My buddy told me buying the bike was just the start of the expenses.  Wow was he ever right.

I've been wanting to write down all the things I've done to my bike in order to keep track for the next time I buy a bike (shhh - don't tell my wife ;)

Bike Stuff
Highway Dirt Bike handguards and mirrors
Euro rear fender and light (low profile rear blinkers)
FMF Q4Ti slip-on
Touratech skid plate
Touratech rear brake disc guard
Scott's steering damper
TrailTech 8" HID headlight
Dirt Bike Gear front and rear fender bags
Wolfman tank bag
Renazco seat
Uni foam air filter
Renazco fuel filler and cap

Miscellaneous other gear
Garmin GPS 60Csx + RAM GPS mount + bike power adapter
SPOT satellite locator
Motorola FRS radios + helmet mounted speakers and microphone
Bike stand
Kendon stand-up trailer (we have a small garage)
Sidi riding boots
Thor riding pants, jersey and chest protector
Helmet and goggles
Knee and shin guards
Gear bag
Tools (chain breaker, tire irons, tow straps, etc.)

I've easily spent four or five thousand dollars on all this gear.  I've got to tell you though, I have really enjoyed getting back into riding.  Ron, Jeff and I rode the Los Angeles to Barstow to Vegas ride in November (ride report coming soon) and it was just a fantastic time (excepting my crash and the ensuing pain over the next few weeks.)

Stay tuned for more ride reports including my first race.