Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Wow.  It's been two years.  Let's recap them.

2013 - I only did a few races, maybe 4, but had one great accomplishment - I finished both loops of a National Hare and Hound race.  It was excessively difficult fitness-wise.  The course itself wasn't beyond my skill level but it was for my fitness level.  It took more than 6 hours for me to finish the course.  But I finished!

2014 - I sometimes have a punctuality problem, the first race I drove for 3 hours and ended up being late.  I started packing up to go home and thought, why not ride the course for fun?  So I did.  It didn't count as a race (points-wise) but I did ride it and had a good time.  The second race was uneventful, I only did one loop and didn't crash so that was a 'win' in my book.

2015 - I bailed on the first Grand Prix race and the first Hare and Hound.  I had also decided to skip the second H&H but after watching coverage of the 2015 Dakar this week I am now considering it.

I have several very time consuming goals this year including starting a 'real' business instead of putzing around with hobbies so I don't know where racing will land on my priority list.  If anything happens I'll update the blog.

Thanks for reading.