Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Preparing for the next race

As I suspected I was indeed the only rider in the 40+ beginner heavyweight class at the Desert MC hare and hound race a couple of weeks ago.

Since then I found I was leaking a little oil and a little anti-freeze - on a brand new bike!  I hate that.  Well, I found out the oil leak was coming from the oil drain plug - a little turn of the wrench to snug it up was all it took to fix that problem.

The anti-freeze appears to be coming from the sensor.  I haven't touched that one yet but I'll probably put some plumbers tape on it after the next race.  It only had a drop every couple of days come out so I don't think it will be a problem (fingers crossed.)

I changed out the pads on my new knee braces since the last race was somewhat painful with the thick pads in place.  I hope the thinner ones are a better fit.

I also put air bags in the coil springs of my minivan to help keep the trailer a little higher off the ground.  I would scrape at nearly every sidewalk crossing (like when turning into a gas station.)

The last thing I need is to clean the air filter and a new goggle lens since I can't seem to find the clear one I bought a while back.

I hope to learn from my last race and make sure to eat a little more before the race - it is horrible to barely be able to pick up the bike after having only ridden 5 miles or so and have another 35 to go!

I'll have a video of this next one so stay tuned!