Sunday, February 1, 2015

Big 6 Grand Prix #2 (Taft) - 2015

In pursuit of my goal for achieving 20 races this year I decided to try another Grand Prix - this would be my second Grand Prix - the first for this year.

I started in row 5 with several other fellows and got a pretty good start but slowed down and took to the outside to let the faster riders go ahead.  I took the first lap easy to get to know the course and get my rhythm.  I was passed by four or five of the expert riders who started in row 1.

Early in the second lap one of the fellows from row 6 passed me and I decided to try to keep up with him.  For the rest of lap two and lap three we had a great back and forth battle.  We both got passed by many of the faster riders and finally he made a mistake and I went around him.  I was able to get around another two guys and almost got a third one but the race ended a little too soon.

I believe I'm honing my skills that will allow me to ride faster and to continue to stay in control.  I'm reading the terrain better which is certainly one of the critical skills I'll need for the rally races.

Thanks for reading and following along.

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